Our goals and purpose

  1. Holding training courses on cooking basics and educational courses on providing safe and healthy food
  2. Working to form a national team to participate in international and regional competitions
  3. Developing Jordanian cuisine and teaching the art of cooking to regional and international standards
  4. Raising the culinary skills of Jordanian chefs
  5. Conducting a comprehensive survey in the Kingdom, as much as possible, regionally, of all workers in the field of food and drink production at all levels, in order to determine the needs of the local market.
  6. Working to hold an annual bazaar for members, especially women, to display their products
  1. Enhancing social interaction among members of the association and strengthening ties with international chefs’ unions and associationsThrough advertisements and social media
  2. Forming a committee responsible for the criteria for evaluating the chef, giving him the appropriate job title according to his skills and experience, and obtaining the necessary official approvals.
  3. Contributing to the spread of Jordanian dishes and developing popular dishes into modern dishes and presenting them in a modern way.
  4. Improving and implementing standards to certify young Jordanian chefs working in restaurants and hotels
  5. Skills development through education, training and innovation for young chefs
  6. Activating the role of the Jordanian Chefs Association by participating in local exhibitions
  7. Educational courses on wheat allergy and the importance of awareness and perception by chefs

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  • A non-profit association founded in 2014 by an elite group of Jordanian chefs .

  • It was registered under the Associations Law No. 51 of 2008 within the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.

  • It operates on a voluntary basis without aiming to reap or share profits or achieve any benefit from its members or a specific person, directly or indirectly.

  • International (WACS) since 2014. The Jordanian Chefs Association is an official member of the Chefs Association

  • Islamic Chefs (WIX) since 2019. The Jordanian Chefs Association is an official member of the Jordanian Chefs Association.

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